Storytime – The Color Orange

Clearly I’m a bit behind on my blog updates… This is the storytime I did during the week of Halloween! I try to avoid doing straight up holiday-themed storytimes since I know that a significant number of families are not comfortable with that, so instead of going with a Halloween theme I decided to focus on the color orange!


Letter of the Week: OOrange16

  • Octopus – We talked about how Octopuses (Octopi?) have eight legs and we counted them to make sure. Then I asked where they live, which ended up being another “O” word… The ocean!
  • Ostrich – The kids struggled a bit with this one. My favorite response to “What kind of animal is this?” was “A turkey!” It’s always fun to introduce them to something new and let them practice saying the word together.Orange1
  • Orange – I asked the kids what color the orange was, and they responded with a resounding, “ORANGE!” This led perfectly into our storytime theme.

Book 1: Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds

I love this book, but I think it would’ve gone over better with an older audience. Many of the kids were verging on scared so I had to really keep the mood light as I read it. The parents definitely got a big kick out of it, though!

Song: “The Goldfish” by Laurie Berkner, from the CD Victor Vito

Book 2: Little Boo by Stephen Wunderli

This was a cute book, and although it was about a jack-o-lantern, it wasn’t overtly Halloweeny and was more about the growth of a seedling into a big pumpkin.

Rhyme: “Pumpkin Pie”

Pumpkins, pumpkins, I think I’ll make a pie. (Point to head as if thinking)
Pumpkins, pumpkins, My, oh my! (Arms out shaking to my, oh my)

Bake it, scrape it, Dump it in a pot. (throw the pumpkin in a pot)
Mash it, mash it, Up a lot. (pretend to mash the pumpkin)

Pour in the sugar, And spices, too. (pretend to pour in the pot)
Pour in the cream, And eggs, one and two. (count with fingers one, then two)

Stir it, stir it, Then take a cup. (pretend to stir)
Scoop it in a shell, And bake it up. (pretend to scoop)

Bake it, bake it, For an hour or so. (hold up one finger)
Serve it for dinner, And eat it slow. (pretend to eat)

We did this one twice so the kids could catch on and say it with me the second time.

Book 3: Little Owl’s Orange Scarf by Tatyana Feeney

I love this book! Short and sweet, with a fun little twist at the end that gave the kids a laugh.

Craft: Creepy carrots

This was a super cute craft, but I need to find me some more substantial construction paper for next time. The stuff we used didn’t hold up too well once the pom-poms were glued on.

Ahead of time, I cut out carrots in a variety of shapes and added some detail with a black crayon. The kids glued green pom-poms onto the tops, drew on faces, and glued on googly eyes. I think they turned out pretty fierce and hilarious!


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