Storytime – Eggs

Just in time for Easter, here is the “Eggscellent” storytime I did this week! I really enjoyed doing this storytime, and the kids seemed to like it too. I brought this one to some of the outreach storytimes I do at area preschools and daycares, but also did it for regular storytime at the library. I wanted to do something that was festive while not being overtly Easter-y, and I think I successfully achieved the goal.

Welcome Song: “We Clap and Sing Hello”

We clap and sing hello,
We clap and sing hello,
With our friends at storytime,
We clap and sing hello

Continue with: We stomp… We wave…

Letter of the Week: E

  • Elephant – Edgar the Elephant puppet came out of his hiding spot in the basket and said hello. Then we all trumpeted like elephants! One little guy asked what the white things were on Edgar’s face, and that gave us the opportunity to identify them as tusks.
  • Eyes – We talked about how we have two eyes and we use them to see.
  • Ears – We talked about how we have two ears and we use them to hear or listen.
  • Eggs – I held up one of the egg shakers that we’d be using later. This led perfectly into our theme!

Book 1: Ollie by Olivier Dunrea

This is a sweet, simple story that the kids loved (and many were already familiar with the book). I only wish the book was larger. It’s a tiny little book, so the kids in the back probably had a hard time seeing the pictures.

Flannelboard: Where is the little yellow chick?

Many thanks to Anne’s Library Life for sharing this one. I laminated ten different clipart images and stuck a small square of velcro to the back. Each of the images hid under one of ten colorful eggs, and the storytimers helped me look for the little yellow chick by raising their hand and choosing a color. I hid the chick under the grey egg, hoping it would be chosen last (or close to last), and sure enough I was right! So we got to explore under all of the eggs before we found him. 🙂

Song “Head and Shoulders”

Head and shoulders, knees and toes (knees and toes)
Head and shoulders, knees and toes (knees and toes)
And eyes and ears and mouth and nose
Head and shoulders, knees and toes (knees and toes)

Book 2: Eggs 1, 2, 3: Who Will the Babies Be? by Janet Halfmann

I absolutely love this book! The illustrations are gorgeous, the rhyming text flows nicely, the lift-the-flap builds excitement, and it contains just enough little factoids to keep things interesting (“Did you know baby fish are called ‘fry’? I didn’t either, until I read this book!”).

Song w/ egg shakers: “I Know a Chicken” – The Laurie Berkner Band, from the CD Whaddaya Think of That?

My favorite egg shaker song ever! In the past, I’ve borrowed egg shakers from another library, but a recent donation of plastic eggs inspired me to make my own. I filled them with rice (the least possible choking hazard I could think of), hot glued the two sides together, and added a strip of colorful Duck Tape. I only saw a few grains of rice go flying, so hopefully they’ll be sturdy for awhile.

Book 3: First the Egg by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Another lovely, simple book. I like pointing out the cyclical nature of the book–it starts with an egg and ends with an egg! Not sure if the kiddos understand this concept, but they liked helping me guess what each of the “then” objects would be.

Activity: Plastic egg stamping

Thanks to Kids Activities Blog for this great idea. It was a little messy, but lots of fun! I got smart and used the plastic tablecloths after cleaning up from the first storytime took me close to an hour.

There are Except Ifso many great egg-themed books out there! One that I used in my outreach storytimes was the very clever Except If by Jim Averbeck.

I also tried another book display this week, but didn’t have any takers. Not sure what the deal is with that, but I’ll keep trying!


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